Madras Labs is a data analytics solutions and services company, with focus on helping customer in data management, big data challenges and readiness. We are leaders in data integration. Our goal is to provide data science analytics with actionable insights for great business value returns. We believe in simplicity, understand customer needs , do more with less resources, lend helping hand for customers & partners and do social good.

BigData & Visualization

We help our customers, where to start in big data with strategy and roadmap. We review business requirements and use cases before talk about a solution. Madras Labs helps you in fast, reliable, high value and cost-effective big data solutions.

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Social Analytics

From Text Mining to Social Network Analysis to Graph analysis our engineers can help you to learn customer opinions and sentiment from social feeds. Want to know, How your product is doing real-time in the market, Hear customers perspecive and understand needs? we got analytics for you.

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Data Science

At Madras Labs we beleive Data science is an art & science. We do data munging to feature engineering, with the use of open-source tools that values your wallet. Our data ninjas implement the industry tested algorithms to model and train data with focus on accuracy and relevance.

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The Madras Labs team brings:

  • Leading Industry Knowledge & Experience
  • Expertise in Data Integration
  • Big Data Evaluation & Customer On-boarding
  • Visualization & Insights
  • Data Science Real Analytics
  • Social Analytics and Network Science

We value your wallet. We bring the best in data based software solutions with social value and purpose. We are here to meet your technology needs and provide a fast solution at cost advantage.

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The data before the data is what we go after at Madras Labs. Do you know what your customers are talking about you real-time? Would you like to know the social signals of the emerging changes? May be you want to predict the market ahead for your business and be proactive. Do you want to take your next step in the right direction? Is there a business pain point you want to fix today in data? Our team at MadrasLabs can show you the most efficient way to remove the noise and get the clarity at low cost of running a big data project..