Big Data redefined

Big Data Evaluation, Adoption and Maintanence

Big data as it stands right now is a spectrum of technologies with multiple players making it hard to choose the platform without knowing the benefits and underpinning. We help our customers to walk them through each and every process of understanding the big data platforms, the value offerings from each vendor, detailed tool selection and multi-level evaluation process.

    We guide availability of solutions that fits customers business domain and data requirements. We develop and build proof of concepts in supporting platforms to test run use cases. We offer guidance in finalizing and selecting the right big data solution, building the best code base to extract, load, cleanse and transform processes. We support our customer in migration of existing RDBMS to big data solutions.


No SQL - Document oriented stores like Mongo DB & Key-value stores like Redis
Hadoop - Hive, Pig, Cloudera Impala, Mahout, Flavors of Hadoop vendors
Google Big Query
Machine Learning using R with OpenCPU and RStudio, IPython - Scikit-Learn , Spark, Scala - MLLib
Reporting - Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft Power BI and SAP Lumira

Big is Easy?