Data Science as a service

Data Science, Analytics and Insights

Change data to actionable insight and visualize. We are a data science 2 go company. We make your transition easier to manage. Our try before you buy motto makes it a great choice. Madras Labs helps customer in understanding and evaluating methodology that helps your company to learn and see before you invest your dollars.

   Data science entry is a high barrier for many organizations today and our goal is to help them to succeed in a simple to understand customer-centric proof of concept approaches and business value walk-through demo. We value business before data. We deliver value through data after data. Our team has solid experience working on state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing Algorithms and Machine Learning Algorithms applying to real world business issues. We believe data science comes only after finding the in-depth business domain knowledge and understanding the why, what, when, where, who and how on the data. We are a true global company, apart from in-house expertise we have experts Data scientist from different parts of the world support us on call for cognitive overloads.

   Machine learning is not just about data. Our team do learning through problem space by specific model representation and evaluation. In advanced requirements, we do feature engineering and optimization on the learned models to achieve better results and deliver actionable insights. Sign-up now for a quick demo on how machine learning works in real world and what it takes to get from where you are today to an analytics and data driven company for future.


Machine Learning using R with OpenCPU and RStudio, IPython - Scikit-Learn , Spark, Scala - MLLib
Visualization - Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft Power BI and SAP Lumira