Social Data Mining & Text Analytics Unstructured Data

Making Sense of Unstructured Information

Data is an asset. We encourage and help our customers to build great customer base with cutting edge tools that help them to understand their customer and collaborate. We bring structure to text and build a product competitive intelligence to operate efficiently and enhance brand management. Do you want to know your customer sentiment and opinion?. Customer satisfaction and experience is key to drive your business to success and we are here to help you. Next time you make a conversation to your customer make that engagement more meaningful.

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Common Use Cases

Applications of predictive analytics use cases includes, Market competitive Intelligence, Customer Relationship management, Predictive Analytics on product release cycles and opportunities , Fraud detection and anomalies.

Social Content

Structured data is good for knowledge discovery, but today most of the social content and user generated data is unstructured. We do mining on entity enriched phrases and identify topics, events, locations, customer behaviour, influencers in an unstructured data. Our text analysis starts with understanding the themes and information retrieval from documents and segment them. Our text mining strategy follows the industry standard Natural Language Processing, Entity Recognition, Bag of words topic modeling to probabilistic approaches. We are experienced in name matching and pattern recognitions in data using probablistic distance methodologies.

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  • Social Streams
  • Text mining
  • Web Scraping & content mining
  • Real-time and Historical Social Content
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Opinion mining
  • Topic & Event modeling
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No SQL - Document oriented stores like Mongo DB & Key-value stores like Redis
Hadoop - Hive, Pig, Cloudera Impala, Mahout, Flavors of Hadoop vendors
Google Big Query
Machine Learning using R with OpenCPU and RStudio, IPython - Scikit-Learn , Spark, Scala - MLLib
Reporting - Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft Power BI and SAP Lumira