Application Modernization
Legacy to Modern


Do you have a need to port existing legacy application? Madras Labs helps our customers and clients to move the existing application to modern web and cloud enabled applications. We give migration strategy consulting with transition to next-generation technologies that lowers your maintenance cost.

Data APIs

With big data taking center stage, companies need application that can provide data apis. We help customers to build data integration apis.

Web Applications

Is your business strategy shifting, we help customers with cutting-edge solutions that preserves the existing legacy applications investment with modern interface and easy of use. Migrate your legacy desktop client to web-enabled applications.

Cloud Migration

Switch to Cloud environments for scalability and performance. Our customers had significant cost and pricing advantages with cloud adoption. We support Google Cloud Compute, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Performance Optimization

Performance optimization for legacy and existing applications. Uncover bottleneck and adapt modern architectures to improve speed and efficiency. Madras Labs help our customer to discover issues in production and provide solutions and fixes.

User Experience / UI

Latest HTML5 technologies and JS frameworks. We do Single Page Apps, Dynamic Dashboards with Ajax, D3 based charts, Cutting-edge User Interface frameworks like React and Polymer.


Bootstrap, JQuery, Polymer, Angular, React HTML5 with ASP.NET MVC applications Underscore, Require, Node JS, Templates Flask, Jinja2 with Python C# and Java PHP with MVC and Javascript CSS frameworks SASS and LESS

Want to Migrate to Modern?